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Volunteer Service
Volunteer activities at Hana Academy Seoul can roughly be divided into two major parts: pre-training, which takes place within the school campus, and actual volunteer service on location. Hana Academy Seoul believes that this enables students to deepen their understanding of the true meaning of their volunteer service and to develop a sense of social responsibility.

Volunteer service groups are advised by mentors in the weekend programs, who provide the students with the philosophical underpinnings of their service and equip them with the skills they need to become effective volunteers.

Among the numerous volunteer-service groups are Harmony, a group dedicated to harmonious regional development; Wildflowers, volunteers serving the elderly; Interact, a group devoted to providing medical assistance to the disabled and the elderly; and Amnesty International.

Weekend Programs
Students at Hana Academy Seoul participate in many different cultural, athletic or leadership activities every weekend, through such clubs as the Model UN, Media Broadcasting Club, Jazz Society, Guitar Club, Semiconductor Club, Soccer Club, Table Tennis Club, and Badminton Club, to name just a few. Students also attend leadership conferences and lectures and participate actively in numerous volunteer activities through such groups as the Medical Volunteers, Assistants to the Disabled, Help for the Elderly, and Volunteer Tutors, among others. Every other weekend, the students themselves are matched up with mentors who, together with the students, come up with many different cultural or other learning programs.