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Arts and Sports
"A sound mind in a sound body" HAS runs an innovative physical education program for our students to become outstanding leaders of Korea. Maintaining physical health and developing specialities in various types of sports are the two major goals HAS's PE program is aiming for.

Current students of HAS each select 1 type of sports activities based on their interest, ability and aptitude and get involved in the activity twice a week in the after-school educational program hours. Currently, in 2011 Fall semester, students participate in learning challenging sports such as basketball, soccer, badminton, table-tennis, boxing, swimming, kumdo, archery and leisure sports such as Media dance, yoga, pilates. Students also get to undergo HAS's annual certifying processes so that they can accomplish at least some level of competence. Especially swimming, it is included in the "Hana Certificates" which all students are required to obtain

HAS has the educational belief that our students should have deep cultural and aesthetic sensitivity in order to become competent leaders with a warm heart, respectable ethical qualities, outstanding leadership, brilliant intellect and creativity. Therefore, HAS endeavors to provide our students with various cultural experiences such as reading literature, plays and movies as well as “Arts and Sports Program".

Students participate in fields of either music or art. Currently, in 2011 Fall semester, students are learning traditional instruments such as gayagum, daegum and classical instruments such as the cello, clarinet, piano and even electric guitar and school band (vocal) performances. Also, students are learning graphic design, eastern and western painting, traditional calligraphy, photography, broadcasting and wood print drawing. Thus, all students of HAS are required to take courses in fine arts and sports twice a week each in the after-school educational programs. Just as in the physical education programs, annual tests for certificates are held in order to encourage students' development.

Club Activities
Hana Academy Seoul, flying high with various club activities

Club activities are more than just a way to pass the time for Hana students. Getting involved in a specific club means expanding each student’s academic abilities into the real world. At the same time, students become more brisk and lively by participating in various activities and enjoying their hobbies. HAS students participate in club activities every Friday afternoon and the weekends. Supporting the various clubs in HAS including those in the fields of politics, economics, science, culture, and arts will help the students develop their leadership skills and develop a sense of teamwork and creativity.

SnowflowerPigs, Devorock, Orchestra, Haul, Spirit, MTV, Sensation, KFHI, V.O.T, Beat the Heart, Movemental, VIA, Hana Football Club, Seoul Rehabilitation Volunteering, Japanese Exchange, Japanese Visual Art Study Group, Hana Guardians, Tech Crew Hana, The god of Studying, Sorokdo National Hospital Volunteering, Scent of WildFlowers, BbuDdiAhDdi, Interact, KiwiHana, SEN-V, FreeBand, Prometean, English Drama Club, NAOZI, YeaHa, Hana Raiders, Hana H.C., Judo Club, Koramdeo, Hana Broadcasting System, Hana Newsletter, Hana Ambassador, BSRA, Economia, Hana Lawfirm, FINEA, H2O, Ha-Rot, MO Math Club, Papyrus, Archeologists, Hana Global Volunteers, Hana Management & Economy, Club, Look to the infinite Mathematics, SEROC Bio, SEROC Chem, SEROC physics, The Prisoners of the Cave, English Debate, Debate & Writing, EcoH, Storyvillage, HAPAD, STECH, RMS, HIRT, Luftwaffe, Log-in, North Korea Justice Association, HOCW, Hanastory, CHC, TEDxHAS, The Lord, Social Value in HAS

Our Own Perspectives of the World! Hana Academic Festival
HAS holds the school’s Academic Festival in an effort to develop students’ logical thinking powers and self-directed learning. It goes through the process of research, a thesis, presentation and debate and focuses everything on the individuals. Students parents and professionals actively participate in this event, and students are able to build their potential abilities as a future researcher or expert in their specific area. Furthermore, the debates allow students to learn crucial communicative skills.

Date: After the Mid-term Exams in the second semester
Procedure: The students who wish to participate must submit their brief outline of their research and pass the examination process, in advance
Presentation Method:
- in the morning (8:00~12:00), posters are presented in each classroom
- in the afternoon (13:00~16:00), students are divided into humanities
   and sciences in the auditorium, and present their research projects. s
- Poster presentations consist of a 10-min-presentation and a 10-min-Q&A, while research presentations consist
   of a 15-min-presentation and a 15-min-debate.

*The related topics and contents are loaded in the Hana collection of essays.

International Symposium
HAS has established many exchange programs with private schools in Japan, China, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia and held International Academic Symposiums in our school. Students discussed and gave presentations on such topics as " Cooperation of the Three East Asian Countries on the Issue of Climate Change" in 2010, and "Trade, Finance, Energy & Environment" in 2011. The discussions and presentations were done in English and attendants came from abroad and appreciated our students' outstanding work. The International Academic Symposium will serve as the very basis of HAS students becoming global leaders and interacting with the world. HAS will continuously strive to find the ways to develop the students' cosmopolitan outlooks and support their academically profound research projects.

Special Lectures from Prominent Leaders
HAS invites prominent leaders of our society who give special lectures to HAS students 8 times annually. The 21st century is a time of culture. Therefore, high school education should involve the students not only in academic experiences but also creative cultural experiences. HAS, strongly feels the responsibility to meet the new demands of the time, provides various culture programs to students in order to let them experience the very essence of culture and human life. HAS invites the most prominent and respectable leaders who are responsible for each part of our society. The lectures allow the students to develop their future careers and provide a strong motivation for success and happiness. Bi Ya Han advisor of Central Emergency Respond Fund (CERF), Nan Do Kim, professor of SNU, Suk Hee Kang Mayor of Irvine, California, Woon Chan Chung ex-prime minister, Dong Soo Kim ex-chairman of DuPont Asia Pacific, Jae Oh Lee Minister Without Portfolio, Myung Bo Hong soccer coach, Yoon Dae Oe, chairmain of KB Financial Group, Chul Woong Kim North-Korean-refugee-pianist, Jong Yong Yoon senior advisor of Samsung Electronics have visited HAS and presented "the most special lectures" to HAS students.

2012 December 27 Kyeong-suk Seo former ambassador of East Timor
November 21 prof. Yeoung-jung Suk Professor at Korea Univ. and writer
August 29 Chairman Yoon-jong Kim Chairman of the Dream Hope Future Foundation
June 13 Chairman Hee-bum Lee Chairman of STX Energy Heavy Industry
April 4 Yung Man Yoo Professor of Hanyang University
2011 November 24 Bi Ya han Advisor of CERF(Central Emergency Respond Fund)
October 1 Ae Ran Moon Representative of Compassion korea
June 7 Nan Do Kim Professor of SNU
April 29 In Shil Lee Chairman of the National Statistical Office
April 1 Suk Hee Kang Mayor of Irvine, California
January 6 Woon Chan Chung Ex-prime minister
2010 November 24 Dong Soo Kim Ex-chairman of DuPont Asia Pacific
October 20 Jae Oh Lee Minister Without Portfolio
October 20 Steven C Rockefeller CEO of Re-Echo Holdings
September 8 Myung Bo Hong Soccer coach
July 13 Yoon Dae Euh Chairmain of KB Financial Group
June 24 Chul Woong Kim North-Korean-refugee-pianist
June 23 Hee Sun Chung Directer General of NFS (National Forensic Service)
June 14 Jong Yong Yoon Senior advisor of Samsung Electronics

Hana Internship Programs
HAS hopes every one of our students can find their path and develop their careers. Hana Internship programs provide students with various opportunities to get practical hands on experience in their specialist fields and help them shape their future dreams. Through the internship programs, students will learn about certain occupations and discover the necessary qualifications.

The Hana Certificates
Various Hana Certificates to improve students' achievement

Hana Academy Seoul runs the unique Hana Certificate Program that authorizes only those students who reach a certain technical level in reading, swimming, foreign languages, volunteer service and "Arts & Sports". This program certainly motivates students to excel in extra-curricular activities in addition to regular educational subjects, and also helps improve learning capability as well as building character. HAS will support and maintain this unique student-oriented certification program continuously to raise up valuable human resource in the future.

○ Certificate of Volunteer Service

This certificate is provided only if volunteer services are continuous, long term and significant. After working out all service hours for 3 years of HAS, the 1st degree certificate will be given to the persons who have more than 100 hours, and the 2nd degree certificate is to 80~100 hours, and the 3rd degree certificate is to 60~80 hours.

○ Certificate of Foreign Language

HAS offers 3 foreign languages (English, Chinese, Japanese) for certification, each with a different grading system. For English (HAS's core course), the 3rd grade certificate is given if a students can communicate with a native speaker in everday situations. The 2nd grade certificate is given if a student can express logically his/her thoughts in a class of native teachers. The 1st grade is granted to those whose level of English is near native. For Chinese and Japanese (HAS's electives), the 3rd grade certificate is for basic communication skill level, and the 2nd grade is for the level of report-writing and lecture-understanding. The 1st grade is honored if one can express logically his/her thoughts in a class of native teachers.

○ Certificate of “Arts and Sports"

HAS proudly emphasizes this certification program for students. Each student should reach a certain level of technical requirement on top of taking HAS's regular curriculum in music, arts and sports. One-skill for fine arts or a musical instrument will be given if students participate in fine art exhibition or in music concerts during HAS festival and/or other formal activities. The other skill is for sports certification. This graded certificate is authorized by HAS teachers with each sport's professional consultation at the end of the 4th quarter of the 2nd year.

○ Certificate of Literature

HAS also strongly encourages students interest in literature and related activities to improve the capabilities of self-oriented learning and insights. HAS sometimes presents "book fair" events to enhance the school-wide reading atmosphere and updates the recommended book list. Students prepare a personal portfolio of literature they have read, which is evaluated and remarked upon in an official statement / transcript as the Certificate of Readings. It requires more than 24 books to be read per year (72 books for 3 years of school) and related after-reading activities.

○ Certificate of Swimming

The goal of this certificate is for the students to be able to swim unassisted well as life learning saving techniques in the water. HAS recommends swimming as a personal life-time sport and also a therapeutic activity for stressful students. The certification requires the completion of a 100m swim using any stroke, together with special lectures and practice on water safety. Students participating this swimming program for two years are allowed to swim 50m instead of 100m to get the certificate.

Economics and Business Diploma
Developing economics/business sensitivity and analytical ability

HAS's independent private school specializing in economics and finance has an economics and business diploma program which is the first after-school educational program in the professional field of economics, supported by "Maeil Economy". Students participating in the program learn the fundamental methodology of critical analysis in economics and business. Furthermore, students visit some of the major Korean companies and experience the real world of business and economics. After the visit, students submit an analytical report.

Research Projects
Necessity of Private Education? HAS supports self-directed learning
In order to inspire the students’ quest of knowledge and improve their problem solving skills, HAS encourages students to set goals and design their own research projects with the assistance of professional instructors.