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During the screening process, the school focused not only on stellar academic performance in school, but also on such things as the applicant’s analytical skills, character, and ability to think creatively. The first step in the admissions process consisted of a review of the applicant’s grades, school report, participation in extracurricular activities and volunteer service, letters of recommendation, and personal statement.

Applicants who passed this phase were invited to the school for two days, during which they met with the admissions committee. During this two-day session, the admissions committee conducted both personal interviews and group interviews, both to get a sense of the applicant’s character and to assess his or her ability to think creatively and participate actively in discussions.

In sum, the school looked for prospective students who qualified the following:

  • Excellence in academics and demonstrated interest and/or ability in a variety of activities
  • Demonstration of the applicant’s potential to become a future leader and global citizen
  • Demonstration of unique or special talents and interests
  • The applicant’s motivation and enthusiasm