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Hana Academy Seoul (HAS) is the only fully accredited, independent private high school in Seoul; as such, the competition for admission to the first entering class was particularly fierce. Because of the school’s stringent requirements for admission, students who have been admitted are of the highest caliber in Korea.

In 2013, 204 students were admitted from a pool of approximately 450 applicants; the admissions ratio of 2.26 to 1 is one of the most competitive admissions rates among Korean high schools, and the most in the Seoul metropolitan area. In terms of academic performance in middle school, most of the applicants belonged in the top ten percentile; those who were accepted to HAS typically belonged in the top three to five percentile.

Students who have been admitted to the Class of 2016 come from 125 different junior high schools from around the nation, and each of the 25 districts in the Seoul metropolitan area are represented.

The most notable aspect of the composition of the Class of 2016 is its excellence in academics. Because the applicant’s GPA was the most important element of the school’s admissions criteria, the student body is comprised of the best performing students from around the nation.

Students from underprivileged backgrounds who have demonstrated their potential through excellence in academics and leadership qualities have been awarded full scholarships for tuition, room and board. HAS is unique not only among the special high schools, but also among all high schools in Korea, in that approximately 12 percent of the student body (72 students) attend the school on the basis of these full scholarships. In addition, approximately 20 percent of the student body is awarded various kinds of scholarship in 2012.