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Founded in 2010 with the generous support from Hana Financial Group, HAS is the only fully accredited, independent, private high school in Seoul that offers a comprehensive university preparatory curriculum. Committed to the educational philosophy that a sound mind and body is key to any individual’s well-rounded growth and development, HAS offers extensive programs in the arts and physical education along with its core focus on a rigorous academic curriculum. HAS seeks to instill in its students a sense of social responsibility, deep respect for their peers, and a keen awareness of many critical issues facing humanity.


HAS offers a rigorous academic curriculum. Typically, a one-semester course is 4 credits, and all students are expected to complete 30 to 32 credits every semester. Students complete most of the Korean national core curriculum during their first year. Students take electives and additional courses in their second and third year. Electives include Advanced Placement (AP) courses as well as research-driven courses.