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● Social Sciences:
Social Studies, Economics, World History, AP Microeconomics, AP World History, Research Course, Law and Politics, Modern Society and Philosophy, East Asian History, International Economics, International Law, Regional Studies, Korean Society and Culture, Korean History, Ethics and Ideology, Financial Markets
● Mathematics:
Math I & II, Applied Mathematics, Advanced Math, Advanced Statistics, Linear Algebra, Calculus I & II, Probability and Statistics, Vector Calculus, Basic Economic Mathematics, Mathematical Research Course
● Science:
Physics, Advanced Physics, Chemistry, Advanced Chemistry, Biology, Advanced Biology, Earth Science and Advanced Earth Science, Science Philosophy, Physics Workshop I & II, Chemistry Workshop I&II, Biology Workshop I&II, AP Physics, Computer Science, Analytical Chemistry, Analytical Mechanics, Biochemistry , Cell Biology, Organic Chemistry
● English:
British & American Literature, Reading, Writing, Public Speaking & Presentation, and all levels of Conversation
● Art and Physical Education:
Music, Visual Arts, Music History, Orchestral Music, Choral Music, Drawing, Art History, and Physical Education
● Korean:
Literature, Reading, Creative Writing, Media and Literature, Modern Literary Criticism
● Foreign Languages:
Chinese and Japanese, AP Chinese Language and Culture, Chinese Grammar, Chinese Conversation, Chinese Reading, Japanese Grammar, Japanese Conversation, Japanese Reading
● Others:
Psychology, Ethics, Pedagogy, Theater