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Education is essential not only to the individuals receiving the education, but also to the nation’s future. In Korea, the education of young minds is directly related to the nation’s economic, political, social, cultural, and ethical development.

As one small but integral part of these broad, far-reaching educational goals, Hana Academy Seoul seeks to develop and nurture many of the brightest young minds in Korea, to help them become the pioneering leaders of tomorrow in nearly every field of endeavor.
Hana Academy Seoul strives to achieve the following educational goals:

The harmonious integration of physical, cultural, ethical, and intellectual qualities
Committed to the simple idea that a sound mind and sound body is essential to any individual’s proper growth and development, HAS offers comprehensive programs in the arts and physical education along with its core focus on a rigorous academic curriculum.

In addition, HAS seeks to instill in its students a sense of social responsibility, deep respect for their peers and other individuals, and a keen awareness of the many critical issues facing all of humanity.

The nurturing of creative, global citizens
HAS seeks to play a small but key role in the education of young Koreans by helping its students become creative individuals with sound cultural and educational values and wide-ranging linguistic ability (to this end, every student receives a comprehensive education in at least three different languages). Our goal is to help our students develop the critical-thinking ability and leadership qualities that are essential in meeting the challenges of globalization in the 21st century.