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That a nation’s future rests with the education of that nation’s youth is a basic tenet of all advanced societies. Accordingly, education is of the utmost importance not only for individuals, but also for the entire society. It is for this reason that a nation’s schools play a pivotal role in national development.

Given that the most precious task that a school can fulfill in society is to carry out its educational mission faithfully, Hana Financial Group has established Hana Academy Seoul to create a new standard in Korean education, a standard based on advanced educational models.

“Hana Academy Seoul strives to serve as a foundation for our nation’s best and brightest, a new starting line for our nation’s young to realize their dreams and play a leading role in the generations to come.”

From the time of its mother company’s inception in 1971 as Korea Investment and Finance Corporation, Hana Financial Group has sought to answer the call for responsible corporate citizenship and grounded all of its activities within the ideal of upright civic participation. Hana Financial Group remains dedicated to the idea that it has a duty to take responsibility as a leading corporate member of Korean civic society, and to this end the Group engages in various collaborative efforts to establish, operate and maintain such organizations as daycare centers for local communities, financial schools for children and teens, and schools for children of multicultural families, among others.

I believe that allowing individuals to take advantage of a lifetime of learning opportunities is the true goal of education. Hana Academy Seoul seeks not only to prepare students for entrance into the highest ranked universities in Korea and the world, but also to provide them with a solid grounding in the humanities, physical and social sciences, arts, and physical education.

After equipping its students with the fundamental knowledge and skills required to enable them to become mature and productive members of civic society, Hana Academy Seoul will provide students with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge through advanced elective courses that will help them fulfill their individual academic dreams and aspirations. In order to help students satisfy the requirements of global citizenship in this era of internationalization, the school will also provide them with a solid grounding in multiple foreign languages.

Hana Academy Seoul seeks to nurture not only those students who have already demonstrated top-notch academic excellence, but also those who demonstrate tremendous creativity or potential in any important field of endeavor. Our school doors will remain open to students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds who demonstrate the willingness, passion, and drive to take advantage of everything our school has to offer. In short, our school is open to those who are fully prepared to pursue their dreams actively, to those who demonstrate the drive to realize their potential to the fullest.

Chairman of HAS Educational Foundation
Kack Young Kim