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About Hana Academy Seoul Foundation (HASF)

School History
Mar, 2018
9th Matriculation Ceremony
Mar, 2018
Designation of Gyeseoung Cho as Principal
Jan, 2018
6th Graduation Ceremony
Mar, 2017
8th Matriculation Ceremony
Feb, 2017
5th Graduation Ceremony
Dec, 2016
Designation of Kack Young Kim as Chairman of Board
July, 2016
7th International Academic Symposium
Mar, 2016
7th Matriculation Ceremony
Mar, 2016
Designation of Jung Chul-Hwa as Principal
Jan, 2016
4th Graduation Ceremony
Mar, 2015
6th Matriculation Ceremony
Feb, 2015
3rd Graduation Ceremony
July, 2014
5th International Academic Symposium
Mar, 2014
5th Matriculation Ceremony
Feb, 2014
2nd Graduation Ceremony
Aug, 2013
Designation of Tae-Jun Lee as Principal
Jul, 2013
4th International Academic Symposium
Mar, 2013
4th Matriculation Ceremony
Feb, 2013
1st Graduation Ceremony
Mar, 2012
3rd Matriculation Ceremony
Aug, 2011
2nd International Academic Symposium
July, 2011
Designation of HAS as Creative Management School (Innovative curriculum)
Mar, 2011
2nd Matriculation Ceremony
Dec, 2010
2010 Winning the Best School Facilities Awards
Nov, 2010
Opening of Hana Art Centre
Aug, 2010
1st East Asian International Academic Symposium
June, 2010
Transition to Autonomous Private School
Mar, 2010
Opening of HAS, Matriculation Ceremony
Feb, 2010
School Dedication Ceremony
Jan, 2010
Formal Approval for Use of HAS Building
Aug, 2009
Formal Authorization for the Establishment of HAS
July, 2009
Designation of Jin-Sung Kim as Principal
Mar, 2009
Dec, 2008
Formal Approval of Plans for Establishment of HAS and Designation of HAS as a Private, Independent Boarding School
Oct, 2008
Formal Registration of HASF
Sep, 2008
Establishment of HASF, Designation of Seung-Yu Kim as Chairman of the Board
Hana Academy Seoul Foundation Board of Directors
Name Position Current Position Past Position
Kack Young Kim Chairman -Chairman, Hana Financial Group
Seung-Yu Kim Chairman -Chairman, Hana Financial Group
Im-Gul Choi Director -Vice President, Korea Exchange Bank
Jong-Yeol Kim Director -President, Hana Financial Group
Gyo-Seok Yang Director -Principal, Seoul Science High School
-Principal, Mok Dong High School
Eun-Hee Park Director -President, The Korea Festival Ensemble
Tae-Joon Lee Director -Principal, HAS
-Principal, Daeil Foreign Language High School
-Principal, Daeil High School
Chang-Yung Jung Director -Professor, Yonsei University
Jong-Hyun Kim Director -Chairman, Yisan School Foundation
Heung-Sik Choe Director -President, Hana Financial Group
Byung-Taek Yoo Auditor -Distinguished Professor, Hanyang University
Ki-Wook Cho Auditor -Vice President, Hana Financial Group

About Hana Financial Group

Corporate Social Responsibility
Because the Hana Financial Group (HFG) views corporate social responsibility as a fundamental obligation of all corporations, HFG engages in numerous charitable and philanthropic enterprises as an integral member of the communities in which it operates. As society increasingly calls on businesses to be responsible corporate citizens, HFG is involved in a variety of community programs that address urgent but often neglected social issues.

In addition to the establishment of Hana Academy Seoul, HFG seeks to promote sound social values through various cultural and artistic programs. HFC has also implemented both internal and public initiatives to address the potential problems caused by climate change and other environmental concerns. Finally, HFC engages in numerous initiatives to address such issues as widening income disparities, a rapidly aging population, problems facing foreign migrant workers in Korea, among others.

HFG’s Social Contribution Activities
Hana Smile Microcredit Foundation
Financial and other related assistance to neglected families and neighbors
Hana Happiness Sharing Trust
Management of a public trust to fund various educational and charitable programs
Hana Finance Public Interest Foundation
Assistance for seniors in a rapidly aging society
Teens’ Financial School and "Children's Economic Musical"
Economic and financial education for children
Hana Kids of Asia
Support for children of multicultural families
Financial education for foreign migrant workers
Green Footprint Campaign
A low-carbon, green growth initiative to pursue both environmental protection and economic growth
Hana Green Concerts
Concerts held nationwide to raise environmental awareness
Hana Classical Music Academy
Free classes to help the public understand and appreciate classical music
Hana Yeouido Classical Concert Series
Free public classical music performances
Hana Cyber Gallery
One of Korea’s largest online art collections
Hana Green Poster Competition
A program to cultivate the artistic skills of children while planting the seeds of environmentalism
Numerous volunteer and community-outreach activities