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Welcome to the website for Hana Academy Seoul!

Because Hana Academy Seoul is a newly-established institution that has just opened its doors to students, our website may not have as much content as those of other top schools. However, we have a clear vision as to what kind of high school we would like to become, and we are confident that our site will fill up over time with the proud accomplishments of our students.
We will strive to become a school in which every one of our teachers demonstrates his or her passion, commitment, and expertise toward the intellectual, cultural, and ethical growth of our students.
We will strive to become a school in which every student will be able to learn from and take advantage of the diversity of the student body, all the while developing our students' intellects and enabling them to find their individual paths to a happy, confident, successful, and harmonious life.
Given the school's state-of-the-art facilities located in beautiful and quiet natural surroundings, the school will strive to maintain an ideal learning environment for the nation's best and brightest students.
Maintaining a strict focus on nurturing creativity as well as intellect, Hana Academy Seoul will administer a progressive, innovative curriculum that will enable its students to lead in an increasingly complex modern society.
We will strive to become a school that nurtures the social skills required of a democratic society, enabling students not only to treat one another and others with deep respect, but also to develop important learning skills through the collaborative process.